The stainless steel shower is made of the premium quality material and is mostly used in homes and business. Our products has many great features including durability, longevity, Simple to fit, high strength, excellent accuracy, and strong design which leads to increase in sale for stainless steel shower. Additionally, this is also a reason why customers buy stainless steel shower from our company. We as a leading stainless steel shower manufacturer offers you a wide range of Drains, like S.S Square drains, S.S Linear Drain, S.S Solid Top Drains, Stainless Steel Tile Drains, etc. Also, our company offers a wide variety of ranges of stainless steel shower material and provides customization facility to our potential customers as per their needs.

stainless steel linear shower drain
ss shower and linear drains

Stainless Steel Square drains

Stainless steel square drain is used to protect the pipelines from entering the dirt at the time of flowing of excessive water. They are mostly used in commercial areas, residential building and industrial areas. The square drains are primarily located in middle of the shower floor and the floor is sloped to direct water from all directions to the drain. 

Stainless Steel Linear drain:

SS linear drains is a rectangular shaped narrow drainage equipment. It offers decorative option to standard plumbing fixtures. The linear drains can be fitted along the wall, at the entrance, or in the centre of the shower floor. This stainless steel drain is an ideal choice for customers as it is removable for cleaning and has stainless steel finish that protect the steel from dust and corrosion resistance.


• Healthcare Facilities & Hospitals

• Athletic Facilities & Locker Rooms

• Residential

• Commercial Blinding & Shopping Mall

• Hospitality & Hotels