SS trolley/Utility Cart

SS trolley/Utility Cart

Check our online inventory to buy SS trolley/Utility carts in Delhi, Eletechincs is a prominent manufacturer & exporter of heavy-duty utility carts for the industrial & commercial sectors. These premium-quality Stainless Steel utility carts are manufactured with quality raw materials and compliance with the latest technology. The team of highly skilled professional technicians chose the advanced production concept during the manufacturing of industrial trolly that ensures trouble-free performance & great durability. This SS utility cart trolly is available in both standard & customization options based on the client’s requirements.
This SS trolley is basically a material-handling cart that is used to transport goods from one location to another. This product is mainly used in several industries including hospitals, malls, departmental stores & many other places. Eletechincs manufactures this utility cart trolley with the best raw materials including the utility cart customization option as per client or application needs. Customers can easily buy trolleys & utility carts from our company to ease their work in an affordable range.

SS trolley/Utility Trolley

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

Type                                       Utility Trolley    

Load Capacity (Kg)              50-150kg

Material                                  Stainless steel

Usage/Application               Industrial

Color                                         Grey

Number of Wheels                   4

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