SS Cold/Freeze Shelving Racks


Cold storage racks are an ideal solution that provides a storage facility for any product, organizes the items, and offers free space in compliance with hygiene standards at a controlled temperature. Our cold room racking system is usually made of stainless steel and is designed strong to function in cold and freezing environments. Additionally, to preserve any items, the government also opted for the cold/ freezing storage rack. The purpose of the storage shelf rack is to maximize storage density which in turn helps in reducing the operational costs and also preserves the items well in the required temperature. Eletechnics as a prominent cold/ freezing storage shelving racks manufacturer in Delhi offers you a complete range of shelving racks in a wide variety. There are a lot of reasons why customers mostly prefer and buy cold storage shelves from our company including strong strength, durability, taking heavy loads, anti-corrosive, simple design, longevity, and many more.


  • Easy to install and maximises area to use warehouses.
  • Provide High storage capacity in controlled temperature.
  • Provide more space for assembling the material.
  • More suitable to the store fresh food, pharmaceutical products.
  • Provide customizable options to customers.
  • Buy industrial shelving rack in an affordable range.
4 shelf metal racks

4 Shelves Rack

5 shelves steel rack

5 Shelves Rack

shelving rack


height adjustment slot

Height Adjustment Slots

easy to install shelving rack

Easy to install

Temp range

Temp range from 40 °C to -45 °C

humidity resistant

Humidity resistant

Lifelong rust proof body

Lifelong rust proof body

Uniform air circulation

Uniform air circulation



The industrial shelving system is mainly used to provide warehouse space, improve the utilisation rate of storage capacity at a wide temperature ranging from 40 °C to -45 °C. Wide temperature allows the shelf rack to perform reliably under the extreme temperature. Because of the necessity of storage solutions, cold storage shelving rack sales increase in commercial and industrial areas. The monitoring and recording of a shelf rack allow you to keep your goods at a safe and consistent temperature during their time in storage. 

wide temperature range


We offer a premium quality material and also offer a customization facility as per the requirement of the customers and a choice of standard sizes which makes our shelving rack highly adaptable and durable. The standard Design of the shelf rack allows fast and easy assembly. We provide customers with quality solutions for products with a focus on best fit and function is the foundation of our design. We offer a reliable and effective service for the production of these shelf racks, including shipment, storage, and complete functionality.

customized design


Our cold storage shelving rack provides a free open space for the storage of the products in accordance with hygiene standards. The cleanliness of the shelves is an essential part. We as Delhi’s leading storage solution provider or manufacturer claim that shelf cleaning is a necessity that can’t be ignored. It directly shows how you value your shelf cleanliness and efforts to improve satisfaction. The top priority of all customers is that they need a proper storage solution as well as a clean shelf to organize it in their place easily. Customers will think twice before buying the product if the shelf is dusty or unclean.

easy to clean


Many of the commercial industry, houses, offices, and other areas mostly preferred and purchased these shelf racks due to their easy installation process and speed of assembly. The shelves are easily installed using metal standards and brackets. The cold storage shelf racks are supported by these brackets, which are positioned to horizontally extend outward. The shelf rack is the main choice because of its excellent features including cost-effective, easy of install, adaptability, strong design, etc.

easy to install