Slip Ring Motor Starter Manufacturer/Supplier

Slip Ring Motor Starter is mainly applied to rotor circuits to slow down the speed of the motor. We are the leading Slip starter Motor Starter manufacturer and supplier in Delhi, India offers a wide range of slip ring starter at an affordable range. This slip-ring is one of the types of electrical panels that plays an essential role in the continuous rotation of various components including electric motors, wind turbines, and generators. With the help of an external resistor, it is possible to shift the motor’s maximum speed to the initial speed under heavy loads. slip ring induction motor starter is used where loads require high torque including cranes, hoists, compressors, and printing presses.
Our slip-ring motor starters are built with high-quality material in compliance with safety standards. During manufacturing our team of professionals mainly focuses on the stainless steel material of the product. The 3-phase slip ring induction motor starter we manufactured has several outstanding qualities including providing smooth acceleration, easily regulating the speed, high starting torque, flexibility, performing good operation, and many others. Additionally, We provide a customization facility as per the requirements of our potential customers. Buying a slip ring starter from our company will make your purchase valuable and enhance your productivity.
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Slip Ring Motor Starter

Key Features


Slip Ring Induction Motor Starter has high starting torque and low starting current.

Slip Ring Motor Starter

Having a Good external resistor adds up the total speed of motor limits.

Slip Ring Motor Starter

With a good quality slip ring starter, Speed can be controlled easily.

Slip Ring Motor Starter

No limited number of starts and can enhance productivity.

Slip Ring Motor Starter

Slip Ring Induction provide high efficiency during continuous operation.

Slip Ring Motor Starter

No special environmental condition is needed for installing the Slip Ring Starter.

Slip Ring Motor Starter

Uses of Slip Ring Motor Starter

Slip Ring Induction Motor Starter

Technical Specifications

Product Details:
MaterialMild Steel
Rated currentUpto 1600A
System Voltage440 V
Frequency60 Hz
ProtectionMotor Protection Relay