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PLC stands for programmable logic controller Panel refers to the collection of electrical power and control components that is used to run different machinery in various factories or industrial plants. Some of the power control components are the power distribution block, transformer, power supply, motor starter, and various others. Our premium quality and efficient Programmable logic controller panels are extensively used by various industries.
As a leading and trustworthy PLC Panel manufacturer and supplier in Delhi NCR, we manufacture the best PLC controller panel that will give you a higher output at the cost of less power consumption. These PLC Control panels are applied in various industries including manufacturing units, power stations, chemical plants, assembly lines, Pharmaceutical machines, paper industries, and screw-capping machines. We provide a wide range of PLC automation control panel sizes and prices so that our customers can buy PLC panel as per their industry’s requirements. Buy Now from our company and check out the list of our different types of other electrical panels.
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plc panel (programmable logic controller)

Key Features


PLC panel helps minimize human errors and increase efficiency.

plc panel (programmable logic controller)


The Programmable Logic Controller Panel has interchangeable logic options.

plc panel (programmable logic controller)


The entire system was managed and controlled by a single junction.

plc panel (programmable logic controller)

These panels are responsive to various multiple-sensing commands.

plc panel (programmable logic controller)


PLC Control Panel provides higher output by consuming less power.

plc panel (programmable logic controller)


Can be customized as per the functions and operations of the industries.

plc panel (programmable logic controller)

Uses of PLC Panels

PLC Control Panel

Technical Specifications

Product Details:
Thickness1.6mm- 2.3mm
Voltage1000 V ac to 1200 V dc
Frequency50 Hz to 60 Hz
Dimension(L*W*H)Customize Millimeter
Phase Three Phase