How to Hide Electrical Panel Box in the Most Creative Way

Did your electrical panel make your aesthetic environment dull or ugly? Should you paint it or leave it? Are you confused by these questions? Don’t worry! We have the best solution for you which will help you to install electrical panels in any location whether in your home or industry by making your environment look classy. These 3 minutes of reading this blog will change your mindset of creativity on installing any stainless steel box within your location.

Generally, we use Circuit breaker panels to power our homes or in the center of buildings. An electrical control panel is used to control and manage power distribution within the industry. This panel decreases the beauty and attraction of the room. You can effectively hide the electrical panel box while adding a touch of style to your surroundings by employing innovative and artistic solutions. In this blog, We will provide many suggestions to you, you can choose any one as per your requirements. In the following suggestions, You will find a range of imaginative ideas to cover electrical panels in a Creative style. Let’s get Started!

The Best Idea to Cover the Electrical Panel Box

If you are the one who likes to make your surroundings look classy and aesthetic, don’t skip this blog. A little creativity can make your home or industry look better. Here are some of the best creative ideas to hide electrical panels:

By Hanging a Painting or Picture

When we commonly face this challenge, the first Idea that comes to our mind is that we can hide this electrical panel by using any product. So we would like to suggest that you can cover this product by hanging a painting or picture. If you can make a classic painting by hand then you can use it, or buy any painting or picture online or offline after selecting the design according to your choices.

Design a storage Cupboard

There are multiple designs of cupboards or cabinets available in the market also you can order from a maker and carpenter a wood cabinet for you as per adjustable size with your favorite design. This is the simplest way to cover your panel box easily in your room. A small cabinet or a cupboard around the circuit breaker box is an innovative idea to incorporate into your room at home. We prefer you hang shallow door cabinets. Also, you can keep in these cupboards letters and bills, store medicines or any other valuables or house keys, etc.

Using Paint on the Electrical Panel Box

We would like to share one more idea, covering the electrical panel box by painting a design with colors. Those people who take special care of cleanliness and decoration in their rooms adjust by painting on the panel. You can also adopt this innovative idea. You can research any design over the internet or offline, and after that, you can choose the best design for you and apply it, making it valuable for money.

Make a Vanity Corner in the Room

Now we are going to tell you one more important creativity in this guide. You can also cover the electrical panel box with a mirror or adjust its bottom and vanity corner, but please keep in mind that the mirror you are taking is of the box. There is no size difference. Apart from this, it would also be nice if you could make a mirror heart or round shape or any other design shape to make your room quite attractive.

Message Board in Room

If you do not want to choose the paint or mirror option, or you do not want to use a product painting or any kind of home decor item, do not worry. At this point, we provide the best solution and have another option for you that can make your room even more beautiful. It will make it attractive and you will also be able to cover the electrical panel box easily. You can turn your panel box into a message board. In school and office life we use these message boards. This is some of the creative ways to hide electrical panel in a different style.

Install a Window in the Wall

We have many options for you in our guide and if you still do not like it then let us tell you about one more option, you can make a stylish small-sized white window with two small doors to cover the panel box. It should be colourful or plain white colour and stylish which makes the beauty of your room well and gives an attraction to your guests.

Wall Tapestries

In our opinion, the best option for you would be a tapestry for your wall which you can use on the entire wall where you have installed the electrical panel box. This way your distribution panel will also be covered, and you will not have to worry about painting one side wall of a room. And with this, your room will also look very attractive, the guests coming to your house will not even suspect that there is a panel box on the back side of the wall.

Cabinet Door

We were told in this article about a window option that you can cover the panel box now. It is similar, if you want, to make stylish small-sized cabinet doors to cover the panel box. It should be colorful and stylish which makes the beauty of your room well and gives the same attraction as a window. If you take care of panel size, It will not take up much space on your wall.

Foam Poster Board Electrical Panel Cover

If you want to hide the circuit breaker box then you can use a foam board on your wall. Form Board is a good option that you can easily get on any e-commerce website. If you want to make the design of your choice with any hand-working artist you can find any handicraft worker. After taking some money, he will do this task easily, and then you can use it on the wall. There are many types of form boards and they are available in the market in good designs. You can install the form board as per your choice which also gives an attractive look to your room because it is a home decor product.

Slatted Wall

A slatted wall is a good option for you if you also take care of your home decor and want to cover the control panel box then you can use a slatted wall. This gives a good look to your room and also helps your panel to not look odd and gets hidden and covered well. You can plan this option before installing a control panel, you need to plan all these activities when constructing your home.

Final Words

In this guide, we covered how you can hide or cover your electrical panel box smartly. Along with this we also give you information about how you can decorate and manage a room with this. We have told you all the ways according to your Low or high budget. Also, you have now multiple options that you can use to hide the panel box easily without making much effort.

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