FRP Cable tray

FRP cable tray manufacturer in Delhi, Buy the best quality perforated FRP cable tray at Eletechnics. We are a prominent FRP cable tray manufacturer & supplier in Delhi, India. The offering range of FRP cable trays is well-acknowledged by various industrial applications such as Chemical, Marine, Refineries, Oil, Gas, Power Plants & multinational companies. Check inventory to buy FRP cable trays in different sizes & specifications. The various designs of FRP cable trays get high recommendations from top consultants, contractors & other industries. This perforated FRP cable tray support system is one of the ultimate choices for locations where the cable tray is highly corroded & generates heat.
We follow standard norms during the manufacturing & installation of FRP cable trays. Before installation of the cable tray at the client job location, our products are well-tested in all parameters by independent authorities. Eletechnics manufacture Perforated FRP cable tray as per NEMA standards. Also, Fire Retardant Grade validates IS 6746 for the surface burning test and ASTM-D-635 for the precast flammability test.


Fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) cable tray is an ideal solution for the popper arrangement of power cables in industrial & other business sectors. FRP cable tray is also known as a non-metallic cable tray, fiber-reinforced polymer & glass-reinforced polymer (GRP) cable tray. Most organizations buy FRP cable trays to ease their work & organize cables in large quantities. The fiberglass cable tray supports a wide variety of cable wires including power distribution cables, high-voltage power lines, optical fiber cables & telecommunication wires. The strength & performance of the FRP cable tray is always equal to other metal components such as SS or aluminum cable tray. However, the FRP GRP cable tray is one of the ideal solutions for industrial needs & its portability feature makes it more useful for all applications.
This FRP cable tray has the channel & pathway to organize the data cables & help to provide space between the wires so that wires can not collapse or mix together. We believe in the manufacturing of top-quality trays for cables including the FRP cable tray cover for its long-lasting performance. Customers mostly prefer to buy FRP cable trays due to their excellent insulation, great strength, low heat conductivity, easy installation, high durability & easy replacement and repair of cables. In our inventory, you will get the inquiry or choose the cable tray with both options such as FRP cable tray with cover & cable tray without cover. But the covering cable tray gives complete protection against corroded, overheating & other elements.


The ideal choice to organize and manage cables in the FRP cable tray support system. This cable tray helps secure the cables from dust, heat, and other damage and also has some great advantages as mentioned below:


One of the best advantages of FRP cable tray solutions is that they are highly resistant to corrosion and can be significant in any harsh and corrosive environment such as chemical plants, power plants, or any oil and gas industries.

Good electrical insulation ​

FRP/GRP cable tray has excellent insulating and humidity performance. Insulation is an important part that helps in securing the production done by a worker in an efficient and safe manner in the electrical and power industries.

Easy to install & Replace ​

Fibreglass cable tray is made of top-notch material and has free space for the easy installation of FRP cable trays. The free space in between the wires allows the wiring to be better protected and secure so the cable wires do not collapse and mix together.

U.V. resistant​

The GRP cable tray is made of UV-resistant material and helps secure the cable wiring from any damage or fire risk.

Low thermal conductivity​

FRP cable trays do not conduct electricity due to their non-conductive nature. This cable tray provides a significant advantage in electrical installations where cable wires are installed near or close to each other.

Lightweight ​

The cable tray FRP is significantly lighter than any other metal. This makes them easier to handle and transport which helps in reducing installation time and labor costs.

Eletechnics offers two types of cable trays to their customers by Considering all kinds of instrumentation and cable runs:

frp grp cable tray


FRP cable tray accessories are an important part of any cable tray system and are used to enhance the functionality and safety of the system. Here are some common FRP cable tray accessories:

FRP Coupler Plates​

The FRP coupler plate is used to combine or join different plate interfaces in their respective places. These plates are made from premium quality materials and have customization facilities as per the specifications of the client. It has some great features including a smooth finish, high strength, durability, and rust-free.

FRP Expansion Plates ​

FRP expansion joints are a piping system used to provide movement and flexibility to the piping system in all industries. The expansion plates are a combination of lower-strength pipe and large thermal expansion.

FRP Angle Plates ​

Wiring is installed in tunnels and manholes using FRP Angle Plates. It is easy to install the tray due to its lightweight and easy-cutting qualities. However, it has some excellent features including anti-corrosive, durable, lightweight, cost-effective, and easy installation.

FRP adjustable splice plates​

Splice plates are made of metal that is used to fix or join two or more cable trays together. The FRP adjustable splice plates are used to ensure the secure bond of the trays and also help minimize the risk of failure and improve the safety of building occupants.

FRP Hold Down Clip ​

The main use of FRP Holds Down Clips is to protect the panels that hold two joined grating bars so that they can easily and securely fit. It is mostly used for pultruded fiberglass gratings and stair treads because of its strong holding force.

FRP/SS Hold Down Clamp

Hold-down clamps are used to protect the transverse lying as well as the vertical mounting structure of the FRP GRP cable tray. These clamps are often used to carry and hold items combinedly and keep them stable by putting pressure.

Trefoil clamp

Trefoil clamp is used for organizing and supporting single core cables that help in maintaining a magnetic symmetry to reduce the electromagnetic heating and loss of current. These cable trefoil clamps are used to install the low, medium, and high-voltage cable wires.

FRP Cover Clamps

FRP cover clamps are used to hold the trays securely to prevent separation and movement through inward pressure. Cover clamps are used to restrict any unwanted or accidental access so that it helps in maximizing safety requirements for any screw conveyor application.

Cable Ties

Cable ties are used to organize and secure a lot of data cables and wires together. It is also known as wire ties, zip ties, or hose ties. It is commonly used in offices and construction locations.

Blind Plates

A blind plate is a flange that does not contain any hole in the middle of the tray and is also used to join or plug the pipe opening. It has some great features including durability, low maintenance, longevity, etc.

Divider Strips

To provide a smooth transition between the surfaces, Divider strips are mainly used. It is used to separate similar colors, create geometrical shapes, specified in custom sizes and shapes, and configure company logos or store names.

SS Fish plate and Hardware

An SS Fish plate is a metal or wooden plate that is used to connect the sides of the ends of two rails. To hold and connect the two rails together both in horizontal and vertical planes, The fish plate FRP cable tray is used.


FRP GRP cable tray fitting is used to connect and secure the end of the electrical data cable to the equipment. The FRP cable tray of Eletechnics is manufactured in a wide range. Each of our FRP trays is made of strong metals, fire, and UV resistance material. This FRP GRP cable tray is available in a wide variety of sizes and several fittings such as tee bend, tee cross, reducers, etc.

frp cable tray fittings

Resin Type

Resin Base


Flames spread rating ASTM E84

Type IFR

Isophthalic polyester

Industrial Grade Corrosion resistance & fire retardant

Class 1, 25 or less

Type I

Isophthalic polyester

Industrial Grade Corrosion resistance in acidic environment

Non fire retardant

Type V

Vinyl Ester

Superior Corrosion resistance & fire retardant

Class 1, 25 or less