Electrical Panel

Buy electrical control panel in Delhi, manufacturer & supplier of electric distribution panel with custom built option. Eletechnics offers a wide manufacturing range of electrical panel boxes for the home & industrial sectors. Offering electrical panel price is more affordable as compared to our competitors & built quality is very high.
Electrical panel boxes are mainly metal box that is usually built to control the electricity flow in the industrial sector & home based on demand. This electric panel box is easily fit in any corner of the wall. Each breaker in the electrical distribution panel is responsible for providing electricity & has a label that identifies the area of the house it controls. Eletechnics is one of the leading electrical panel manufacturers in Delhi, providing excellent quality circuit breaker boxes at a low price.
The electrical distribution panel box system is designed where the external & internal electric wires are connected. The electrical panel wiring has two main categories including panel structure & electric components. Due to the durability, strong design, longevity, cost-effectiveness, & customization, We have a number of satisfied clients who prefer to buy electric distribution panels from us.
Here get more inquiries to buy available types of electrical distribution panels for the home & industrial sectors.

Motor Control Centre Panels- MCC Panels

Motor control panels (MCC Panels) is an assembly of starters, circuit breakers, fuses, relay, and variable frequency drive that helps in controlling electrical motors in a central location such as a mechanical room or electrical room. These control panels are offered in a wide variety of such as ATS, DOL, star delta starters, VFD starters, etc. We offer an extensive range of these control panels that are used to control and increase the performance of electric motors. There is a lot of Motor protection equipment used in MCC control panels such as overload protection, short circuit protection, and single phasing protection that helps in securing the motor. Some of the great features that customers mostly prefer and buy MCC electrical distribution panels are that it provides an automatic operation facility, aluminum strip for earthing, panel light and fan for ventilation, and many more. Call us to buy MCC panels with complete installation.
MCC Panels
power control centre(PCC) panel

PCC Electrical Distribution Control Panels- Buy PCC Panels

Power control center panels (PCC Panels) are the most useful panels to control electrical flow, these electrical panel devices are widely used in the commercial sectors. The PCC panels are used to protect & control power distribution in large manufacturing industries as well as in the commercial sector.
A few of the industries where we supply PCC panels are Chemical, Plastic, Paper, Oil, Natural Gas, & other manufacturing units. The PCC control panel has an isolate on the panel that allows us to switch off the power. Also, the high-quality material & strong design help to protect the control panel against any damage. The primary power control board consists of feeder breakers. Because the power control centers are installed near the power sources that leads to an increase in fault level. Our products have some great features that include easy installation, high performance, long service life, durability, and so on.

Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) Control Panels

Automatic control panels or AMF panels are mainly used with Standby generators when there is a complete blackout or loss of power in any event.
Automatic mains failure(AMF) panels are a part of electrical control panels that are used to control standby generators when there is a total blackout or loss of main power in any event. However, without AMF panels operating a DG Set may be a cause of potential damage to the electrical generator. The product design of Eletechnics, a prominent AMF control panel manufacturer and supplier, is made to restore power during power failures and is easily installed between generators and the main power supply. By using the mechanical and electrical interlock, the Automatic Mains Failure controller avoids back-feed. Some of the great features of this control panel include lightweight, strong design, low maintenance, longevity, anti-corrosive, and cost-effectiveness.

AMF panel
APFC control panel

Automatic Power Factor (APFC) Control Panels

Automatic Power Factor Panels (APFC Panels) are mainly used to improve the power factor by automatically on and off the required capacitor whenever it is required. APFC panel is best suited for Construction and Engineering, Education, Fire/Alarm/Security, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Power Generation, Power Distribution, Retail and Wholesale, and many more. This control panel becomes an essential part of those industries where the electrical installations are loaded in large amounts. The automatic power controller has a microcontroller-based programmable controller that switches the capacitor in multiple stages by directly reading the reactive load. The APFC controller comes up with several features including easy to use, corrosion resistance, secure electrical equipment, etc. We are renowned manufacturers of APFC control Panels that purely focus on quality and reliability.

Auto Transformer Starter

An auto-transformer starter is mainly used to decrease the amount of applied voltage on the motor & is suitable for both star and delta-connected motors. This auto-transformer starter does not need any extreme cabling because it is not directly connected to the motor & easy to use. The main objective of this starter is that it helps in decreasing the initial current of the motor. An autotransformer starter is used with the squirrel cage induction motor. The transformer circuit is beneficial for over-starting with a regular autotransformer panel that is completely disconnected during the start generating high voltage impulses which can damage the electrical insulation of the starter.

auto transformer starter
slip ring starter

Slip Ring Starter

Slip Ring motor starter is a sequence of resistors that is applied to circuits to control the speed of the motor. Our company offers slip-ring starters at a reasonable cost and with an extremely quality material. A slip ring starter is an electromechanical device that helps in providing power and electrical signals to be easily transmitted. To control the speed of an induction motor, rotor resistance control is used. An induction motor is an electrical device that converts electrical power into mechanical energy. Some of the best advantages of the slip ring starter are that it has a low initial current, improved power factor, and high starting torque.

Variable Frequency drive Panels- Buy VFD Panels

Variable frequency drive panels (VFD panels) are mostly used to control the speed of electrical motors and feed pumps in various industries. VFD Panel is an ideal solution for motor control applications. Our company offers a perfect range of VFD electrical panels with complete accessories and devices such as main switch, MCCB, input-output chokes, etc. We not only provide you with the best quality material but also offer service & support to the customers by way of designing the operation and service manual. This panel contains several advantages that include easy installation, surface coated by suppliers, top configured bus & wiring the VFD keypad to the panel’s door for operating directly.
VFD control panel
HVAC control panel

HVAC Control Panels

A heating ventilation and air conditioning control panel (HVAC Panels) control panel is a system that helps in managing the temperature in a given environment. These control panels are suitable for commercial, residential, public, or industrial usage. Eletechnics is a leading HVAC control panel manufacturer that supplies premium quality material and the primary motive of our company is to provide satisfaction to our customers through our quality product. The control board is the main system to connect your heating and cooling systems equally. The simplest control of an HVAC system is to turn on or off the control to meet the load part. The HVAC control panels are beneficial in many ways including reducing energy, safe plant operation, monitoring system performance, maintaining thermal comfort conditions, and many more.

Programmable Logic Controller- PLC Panels

A PLC panel or programmable logic controller panel is used to control and manage electrical devices, appliances, and systems. These systems are used in various industries to control motors, circuit breakers, fans, and other devices. Our Quality PLC panels are specially designed to survive in harsh conditions. Elitechnics is one of the top PLC control panel manufacturers and suppliers in Delhi that can provide you with the best material for your industry. These panels provide various benefits including minimizing human error, alarm at the time of data logging, excellent monitoring, and many others. PLC panels are used to handle material by some material handling equipment such as screw conveyors, hoppers, bucket elevators, and others. Our PLCs are made of high-quality material and are 100% certified. Customers mostly prefer and buy PLC panels from our company because of our product’s excellent features.

plc control panel
distribution boards

Distribution Boards

The distribution board is one of the essential equipment that is used to distribute current properly to all devices. The size of the board depends on the amount of electricity needed and the different types of circuits that need to be installed. Choose the best distribution boards at an amazing price from Eletechnics and get the best deal. With vast experience in this field, we mainly focus on customer satisfaction by providing them with the best quality at a decent price. We provide the best quality material that helps in securing your wirings from any kind of damage. Our Distribution Boards are made of high-quality metals and can be used for a long duration. Our electrical distribution boards are used by various industries for distribution current to various machineries within the industry.

Bus Coupler

A bus coupler is one of the essential components used in electrical panels. These couplers are used to connect two bus bars to distribute electricity. We have a variety of Bus couplers at a remarkable price. Buy a Quality bus coupler from our company to enhance your power supply. With extensive experience in this field, we have complete knowledge of these different types of electrical panels and can help many customers buy the suitable bus coupler for their industry. Our bus couplers are used by small or large industries or businesses to better arrange cables in a single box. To avoid any kind of risk, you can choose the reliable Bus Coupler from Eletechnics and check our other inventories to make your purchase valuable and your organization more efficient. Our product is 100% NEMA certified and is made in compliance with security standards.

bus coupler