What are the Different Types of Electrical Panels?

Are you wondering which electrical control panel will best suit your industry or home? Don’t need to worry! We have discussed the different types of electrical panels which will help you understand and select the better option for you.

As you know, a CPU controls a computer, mind has control of the human body. Similarly, electrical control panels control and manage the power distribution of the entire industry. The electrical board panel is a load control center that performs and controls the power distribution, power transmission, and power system protection to all the electrical boards and supplies electricity to different circuits. To operate and control entire machinery and equipment, various types of electrical distribution boards are used in industrial, commercial, and residential installations. These electrical boards are used to secure the electrical components. Buying electrical panels for your industry or home can help you in many ways. A premium quality metal box secures your location from any kind of harsh damage or fire risk.
Spend your 2 minutes reading this article to buy electrical panel boxes according to your business needs.

Types of Electrical Control Panel

Here are the 8 main types of electrical panel boards that will help you control power distribution and provide electricity to the entire industry from a single panel box. 

Motor Control Center(MCC)

We would like to share information about the Motor Control Center (MCC). It is a cabinet section to controls all electric motors in a central location. This motor control center is used to contain power distribution and mounting locations for motor controllers. It consists of Feeders which contain the motor’s starter, MCCB, SFU, MCB, MPCBs, meters Control transformer, etc. It controls overloading motor issues, circuit protection devices to save from circuit breakers and fuses, and a power-off switch. It is an important electrical control board for industries and protects and controls circuits and load distributions.

Power Control Center(PCC)

The Power Control Center Panel is the Main Power Panel or PCC Panel, which processes many circuits from many locations into an assembly. The PCC panel holds all of the switchgear like a circuit breaker where the power or electricity comes into all switchgear. We can use any switchgear when required.
PCCs are industrial monitors that show switches, sensors, relays, and push buttons. It is possible to access all of an industry’s electrical connections from a single location.

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

A programmer logic controller we also known as an automation panel which is used to check the variety or diversity of electronic and electric circuit fitting. It works logically for hard-working programs. There are lots of components to a PLC, but most of them use these three categories, Processor (CPU), Inputs, Outputs. Plc can provide and accept input and output signals. PLC is Very fast, Easy to change logic i.e. flexible, Reliable due to the absence of moving parts, Low power consumption, Easy maintenance due to modular assembly, Facilities in fault-finding and diagnostic, Capable of handling very complicated operations logically, timer and comparator can be programmed.

Frequency Drive Panel(FDP)

The Variable Frequency Drive Panel (VFD Panel) is used to maintain the speed of the electric motor and the feed pump can be adjusted. It is utilized in pumping drilling and other large machine applications, like compressors and conveyors. Most of the factories need variable speeds at peak load conditions and constant speeds at normal operating conditions. It has a closed loop working which controls the speed of the motor at a constant level, during input and load disturbances.

Motor Starter Panel (MSP)

Motor starter panels are used to control motors in low-voltage and medium-voltage situations. It helps in controlling, reversing, and protecting electric motors. The motor control center mainly controls the power of multiple motors. It also comes in a single and three-phase starter panel with sheet material or mild steel. It has some features like Motor power 1 Hp, 440 v, Automatic, current 10 Amps to 10000 Amps, 10 Amps to 10000 Amps.

Pump Control Panels

Pump Control Panels are designed for managing pumps and related equipment, such as water treatment systems, sewage systems, and irrigation systems. These panels can control multiple pumps, monitor fluid levels, and offer protection against overloads and faults, making them essential in the management of water and wastewater systems. There are some features of the Pump control panel(PCP) like Three Phase, Motor 3 motor, Power 415v, Body Material ms.

Human Machine Interface Panel (HMI)

Human Machine Interface creates graphical representation devices or machines. It is used to control systems in industries, release commands, and monitor the status of equipment during run time. It is just like an interface between two parties, user and machine, it captures visual and graphical representation.

Power Distribution Electrical Panel(PDE)

Power Distribution Electrical Panel provides power to many areas and different modes while generating electricity from a single source board. It is also known as distribution boards or breaker panels and are the workhorses of residential, commercial, and industrial electrical systems. These panels efficiently distribute power from a single source to numerous circuits within a building. Equipped with circuit breakers or fuses, they ensure both safety and seamless power distribution across diverse applications.


In this article, we covered different types of industrial electrical panels which are mostly used in the Industrial sector, and the rest of the panels are used in residential and commercial society. We took care of your requirements so we provide different types of electrical panels, also you can buy online and offline as per your requirements from a reliable manufacturer or exporter in Delhi, India-Eletechnics. In our final words, the electrical panel is a king of electrical boards. By using it, experts can monitor, control, and manage the organization. Experts can design a setup for this panel easily and can access it from there.

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