Process Chillers


Chillers is a cooling device that helps in controlling the temperature by circulating liquid. It is known as a chiller because of its cooling nature. A Chiller unit is used to maintain the temperature of several industrial devices, laboratory instruments, and equipment, and also provide air conditioning in buildings and factories. Chiller for sale has increased because the Customers preferred and buy chiller due to its great advantages such as energy efficiency, high return on investment, long-lasting cooling process, increased production speed, and greater flexibility. The chiller system is mainly suitable for devices that help in cooling the heat-generated parts and the air conditioning equipment. The maximum heat generating devices when put at constant temperature solves the various cooling issue and also helps in reducing running cost. 

Also, the electrical and mechanical equipment is kept within certain limits so that they can not be broken. There are different types of chillers that are used for removing heat and has different process as well. Eletechnics, a chiller manufacturer provides a good quality product in affordable ranges. The industrial water chiller is mainly used in the basement or on the roof. The rooftop chiller is known as air cooled chiller whereas the basement chiller is considered as water cooled chiller. Water-cooled chillers are used for tower cooling whereas air-cooled chillers are used to remove unwanted heat generated by condensers into the atmosphere. There are some essential components of chillers including a compressor, condenser, expansion valve, and evaporator. 


A chiller is used to remove heat and transfer it to air via an exchange process. A water chiller is used to cool water using the mechanical compressor. The Chiller system is used in various applications such as tool and die cutting, injection molding, food and beverage, chemicals, semiconductors, and many more. The cool fluid helps in removing the heat from the process. A process chiller includes a chemical compound in it known as refrigerant. There are various types of refrigerants that depend on the temperature. 

The heating and cooling process of a refrigerant and transformation of gas to liquid and then back again in the refrigeration cycle. The process of the refrigeration cycle starts with low pressure of liquid or gas that enters the evaporator. The low-pressure gas enters the compressor and changes to high-pressure gas. The high-pressure gas then enters the condenser where the heat is removed by the condenser to cool it to a high-pressure liquid. In the expansion valve, the high-pressure liquid was controlled to enter the evaporator. 

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