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Among the top organizations, Eletechnics is one of the leading Bus coupler manufacturers in Delhi NCR. we offer a complete range of bus couplers in different ranges, sizes, and types. We manufacture bus couplers that are mainly used in high and low-voltage panels or distribution boxes and many other industrial applications. With immense experience, we have always focused on the customer’s requirements and the quality of a product.
A bus coupler is used to connect busbars without interrupting any power supply and without causing any damage. Bus coupler is used in 2 ways. First, if it needs supply it will use the first bus bar by default but if it fails, it will disconnect the first bus bar and automatically connect to the second bus bar. So to make your power supply the best, we offer many excellent bus couplers having strong strength, tin plating, conductivity, high durability, and resistance to corrosion through which customers mostly prefer and buy Bus couplers from our company. Check out our inventory and buy one of the best components of electrical control panels at a reasonable price.
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Bus Coupler

Key Features


Designed simply which makes them easy to install and maintain.

Bus Coupler

Can remove faulty sections without affecting in power supply.

Bus Coupler

Built of strong material to maintain Long functional life.

Bus Coupler

A strong well-built bus coupler helps enhance productivity.

Bus Coupler

Uses of Bus Coupler

Bus Coupler Panel

Technical Specifications

Product Details:
Material Polycarbonate
Frequency 50 Hz
Cable length 5 m
Isolation Current 24 V DC
Dimensions 44mm X 100mm X 68mm