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Auto Transformer Starter (ATS) is used to reduce the initial current applied to the motor at the beginning. ATS panel is best suited for various locations where minimum current and high torque are needed for motors including extruders, blowers, crushers, pumps, and others. We are the top autotransformer motor starter manufacturers in Delhi NCR who provide a wide range of auto transformer starter panels in various locations at different price ranges. Our products are manufactured under quality guidelines and safety standards. Buying the best autotransformer can help your industry in various ways. In case a voltage drop happens through the continuous working of huge motors, these 3-phase induction starters help in controlling the voltage and hence prevent damage. These auto transformer electrical panels are used for starting both star and delta that are connected to 3-phase induction motors. Some of the advantages this transformer may hold include better voltage regulation, lower cost, optimum design, more efficiency, and many others.
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Auto Transformer Starter (ATS)

Key Features


A hooter is installed in the autotransformer in case of any fault, damage, or risk alarm.

Auto Transformer Starter (ATS)

All the fault, load current, and supply voltage will be displayed on a 24*7 character screen.

Auto Transformer Starter (ATS)

Can provide full supply continuously to various machinery during the changeover of power supply from low to high voltage.

Auto Transformer Starter (ATS)

In case the temperature rises in the transformer, it will automatically stop the pump.

Auto Transformer Starter (ATS)

Uses of Auto Transformer Starters

Auto Transformer Motor Starter (ATS)

Technical Specifications

Product Details:
Type Autotransformer / Starter with Panel
Range 15HP to 500 HP
System Voltage Upto 1100 VAC
Frequency 50 Hz to 60 Hz
Cooling Oil Cool/ Air Natural
Starting /Hour 6 start 15 Sec.