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Eletechnics is the top APFC Panel Manufacturer and Supplier in Delhi NCR, providing you with the best quality products for your industry at an affordable range. APFC (automatic power factor control) panel is used to improve the power factor of the location by switching ON and OFF the capacitor bank unit automatically. In industry, power usage is the main concern. So to maintain the power factor, we help industries by providing such best quality power factor correction Panels. We manufacture and supply APFC Relay in a wide range of sizes and also customization facilities to meet the ever-expanding demand of customers. Customers mostly prefer and buy APFC panels from our company because of our unmatched product quality and cost-effectiveness. Also, it will protect your electrical appliances from any hazardous fire risk. Our automatic power factor control panels are used by various industries including process controllers, microprocessors, windmills, chemical plants, power stations, and many others. Check our list of inventory and buy other types of electrical panels in an affordable range.
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APFC Panel

Key Features


APFC correction panel monitors the power factor with the help of a microcontroller-based power factor correction relay.

APFC Panel

APFC Panels helps in saving the power with the help of P.F. Control and harmonic filtration.

APFC Panel


Automatic power Factor Panel is built with strong material which helps it to have a high life expectancy.

APFC Panel

APFC panel Can Easily operate without causing any damage and needs low maintenance.

APFC Panel

Built of Highly resistant material and can sustain well in any harsh condition.

APFC Panel

Uses of APFC Panels

APFC Panel (Automatic Power Factor Control Panel)

Technical Specifications

Product Details:
Material Metal Base
Rated Current 400 A to 6300 A
Rated Insulated Voltage 690 V
Frequency 50 Hz to 60 Hz
Capacitor 525V,690V,880V 
Cooling Method Air Cooled
Conductor Copper Conductor