ELE Technics is one of the top GI cable tray manufacturers in Delhi and is known for its manufacturing of various types of electrical products such as cable trays, ladder-type cable trays, perforated cable trays, etc.

We, as a prominent manufacturer, provide a complete range of cable trays that are easy to install, have innovative designs, are cost-effective, and also use the highest quality metal and alloys in our production. We offer storage solutions to organize cables and practical and hassle-free assembly of Galvanised steel cable trays, which provides the best services to the users. We are a one-stop shop that provides their customers with the best cable trays, electrical panels, and other things as well.

We offer a wide range of cable trays that our respected customers highly appreciate because of their durability, versatility, and longevity. All the cable trays we sell are under fire safety standards. These trays come in a variety of ranges, heights, widths, and length options and can be easily affixed to the floor, ceiling, wall, or top of racks. Customers can easily buy cable trays from us in a wide variety including perforated cable trays, ladder cable trays, shelving racks, industrial trolleys, etc.

A cable tray is a mechanical support system that is used for electrical power distribution, and control and is commonly used for cable management in commercial and industrial construction.


We provided end-to-end support from creating custom designs and recommending solutions, manufacturing, and timely delivery at the required site.


1.Our facility built in 1988 has a comprehensive range of manufacturing capabilities including sheet bending, cutting, stamping, including different types of welding.

2.Our on-floor team consists of more than 50 highly trained members helping us provide maintain a good quality product.

3.Our 9000 sq. ft. factory is capable of manufacturing products at high quality and within the provided time.



Vigyan Bhawan
Rashtrapati Bhawan
DRDO, Ministry of Defense
DLF, Delhi Land and Finance
All India Council of Technical Education


24/7 Availability

No Hidden Cost

Quality Assured Products

Customized Services

Our company provides 24/7 availability service that makes our customers satisfied. With this service, if any customer is having a bad experience or getting bad service and has any query they can ask the company which helps in increasing customer loyalty. We offer continuous support to our customers and every interaction with a customer is an opportunity that we don’t miss.

ELE Technics does not take any extra charges for any product eg. maintenance, supplies, training, etc. The price we mention is the actual price we provide to our customers to purchase a product. Our cost depends on the product’s material, size, and quality. We offer you the best quality material at an affordable range and in a wide variety with no hidden cost. 

Our Quality products make the customer satisfied which then result in customer loyalty, repeat purchase, and upsell. Our products are defect-free and high quality which meet the needs and expectations of customers. The quality production of our equipment and products is the area we have always concentrated on.

We offer Customized services as per the needs and preferences of our customers. Customization of products brings customer loyalty and a seamless experience and helps in satisfying the customers regarding the products or services they are taking. This service attracts the customer and increases the liking of customers towards our company.